Property maintenance service

Property maintenance service - activities and works, aimed at ensuring cleanliness and upkeep on the registered immovable on the level accepted in the society and cleaning and tiding the external surfaces and interior of the buildings, ensuring their suitability for the owner and user.

For property maintenance works, the similar principles already accepted in the society can be taken as basis. The main evaluation criterion of the outcome is the suitability of the performed works and the related costs for the recipient.

Maintenance service of the indoor space.

The purpose of indoor cleaning is to ensure the cleanliness and aesthetical appearance and hygiene of the premises.

Indoor cleaning includes the following activities:

  • Daily dry and moist cleaning of floors and stairways pursuant to the user manual, best practice and type of flooring.
  • Vacuum cleaning of carpeting
  • Removing dust from work surfaces, window-sills, doors, profiles, heating elements, furniture
  • Emptying the trash cans and inserting trash bags
  • Cleaning and disinfecting sanitary spaces
  • Replacing the entrance floor mats

Maintenance works of outdoor territory

The purpose of outdoor territory maintenance works is to ensure the cleanliness and aesthetical appearance and safety of the territory.

Maintenance works of outdoor territory include the following activities:

  • Daily cleaning of the territory
  • Emptying of trash cans
  • Mowing and trimming of lawn
  • Clearance of snow, ploughing of snow
  • De-icing, sanding of pavements
  • Facade cleaning
  • Window cleaning