Management service of commercial and production buildings

Manager or management contract

To achieve success in its core business, each company needs to a greater or smaller extent the support services. Thus, from time to time you need to carry out repair works, organise security, cleaning, etc., in your own or leased property.

All support services in one contract

Martland OÜ offers a possibility to outsource all property-related support services by concluding one contract. In the course of examining the client’s site and during negotiations, the management company ascertains the required services and makes a complex offer for solving these. Regardless of the actual time of providing the services, the client can pay for these with a fixed monthly payment all the year round. A management contract always includes a personal manager for the client (client service provider), who (by being well prepared and experienced in real estate management) in essence will start fulfilling the obligations of the client’s administrative manager. The manager may stay at the client’s office full-time, part-time or participate only in certain working meetings, as appropriate. In the latter case, the manager will be permanently available also by phone. The exact duties and limits of authorisation of the manager shall be stipulated in the management contract. At the same time, the manager is always ready to perform also extraordinary tasks, which the client’s authorised representative may give.

Advantages of a management contract

  • All employees can 100% focus on the core activity of the company
  • The company saves on the salary, workplace and other indirect costs of an administrative manager
  • The company does not have to purchase tools that are necessary for the support services
  • Administrative management as a service is convenient and flexible; as the company grows, also the service volumes can be easily adjusted
  • Entire communication in relation to the support service is through one designated person.
  • The manager of the management company is supported by specialists of different fields of the management company, which ensures fast solution to all problems that might emerge
  • The workload of the company’s HR employees and accounting decreases
  • The cost of company’s support services is stable over the months

Scope of the management contract

Currently, Marland OÜ offers management contract solutions in the following areas:

  • Administrative manager’s service
  • Maintenance and repair service of utility systems
  • Maintenance of the indoor space
  • Caretaker service
  • Collection and transport of waste
  • Emergency service